Lecture 9: Yusuf (Part 1)

Dr. Maher Hathout Time: 50 minutes 50 seconds

In this four part lecture, Dr. Hathout discusses how being imprisoned affected Prophet Yusuf’s spirit. We learn that despair was not an option for Prophet Yusuf and that people of faith will accomplish their mission regardless of circumstances. We also learn from Prophet Yusuf that all food things come from God but when we seek aid, we do so from God alone rather from those who hold power over us.

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Lecture 5: Moses (Part 1)

Dr. Maher Hathout Time: 44 minutes 55 seconds

Although the story of Prophet Moses focuses on the Israelites, the message is for all people. A four part lecture discussing:

  • The early life of Moses and its significance.
  • The message.
  • Preparation for prophethood.
  • The battle with Pharaoh and the similarities to today.
  • The effect of oppression on the human soul.
  • The power of spreading fear and the importance of public opinion.

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