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Dr. Maher Hathout
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The Pattern of Creation
The Pattern of Creation
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The Mission of the Muslim Reform Institute is to promote and develop moderate Muslim thinking in the world and sow the seed for a forward looking Muslim trend, a trend that recaptures a true spirit of Islam.


The Scope of the Muslim Reform Institute (MRI) is to provide ideas as a think tank in countering the extremist narrative of Islam. On the theoretical front, we will analyze and debate origins and manifestations of extremism. On the practical front, we will provide forums for discussion on how extremism impacts the Muslim family and Muslim community. MRI will sponsor studies, polls, and analyses. Any political, social or theological issue that is associated with Islam, or distorts Islam through extremist narratives, is within the scope of MRI.


The Muslim Reform Institute (MRI) will carry on a deliberate critical reading of the vast corpus of Muslim tradition, focusing on what is relevant to today’s society, and express it in accessible language for the benefit of Muslim civic, academic, and religious leaders, the Muslim community at large and interested scholars, in America and around the world.

MRI will promote a compassionate and objective comparative, interfaith, multicultural approach and to adopt a multidisciplinary methodology in the work we do, so that it would be relevant to the largest number of societies possible.

Islam was created to become a delivery movement - to deliver people from darkness to light. Dr. Maher Hathout