Science of Tafsir


What is the meaning of Quran and tafsir? What were the elements that influenced the interpretation of the Quran? In this three lecture series, Dr. Hathout outlines the objectives of studying tafsir: to become familiar with the discipline of tafsir, understanding its significance, and knowing the limitiations.

Lecture 1
Dr. Maher Hathout
Time: 1 hour 18 minutes 43 seconds

The sources of tafsir:

  • Sayings of the prophet and the limitations
  • Sayings of the Sahaba (companions of the prophet)
  • Tabiyeen (Muslims after the prophet and Sahaba)

Lecture 2
Dr. Maher Hathout
Time: 1 hour 4 minutes 12 seconds

The three disciplines of tafsir:

  • Arabic language studies
  • Asbab al-nuzul (context of revelation)
  • Al-nasikh wa al-manskh (abrogation of verses)

Lecture 3
Dr. Maher Hathout
Time: 1 hour 26 minutes 44 seconds

The history of tafsir and the four layers of meaning in the Quran:

  • Meaning is known by Arabs who speak the language
  • Meaning is self-explanatory
  • Meaning is known by scholars who study the Quran.
  • Meaning is known by God only